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I have been Buying Investment Property “Under The Hammer” for over 30 Years.

Why? Because –

  • I Can Buy Bargain, Run-Down, Distressed, Stinky Properties
  • Fix Them Up To A High Standard Forcing Up Their Value
  • Release All My Cash By Re-Mortgaging & Repeat The Strategy
  • Split The Fix-Up Cost Between Revenue & Capital
  • Reduce, Even Eliminate, The Tax on My Rents For Years!

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  • (Auctions Are Not For The Ill-Informed!)
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  • I Have Been Training Property Investors Since 1996, That’s Over 20 Years!

Got A Question? Then Email Me – David@BuyingAuctionProperty

Buying At Auction is very different to buying through Estate Agents

Some of the Reasons –

  • With EA’s You Start Off Expecting To PAY LESS Than The Asking Price
  • At Auction, Expect To PAY MORE Than The Guide Price.
  • With EA’s You Expect PLENTY OF TIME For Your Due Diligence
  • At Auction, Expect LESS THAN 21 DAYS & That’s It.
  • Then It’s Make-Up-Your-Mind Time with A Binding Decision.
  • With EA’s You Expect TO BE GIVEN TIME To Think Before Increasing Your Offer
  • At Auction, In The Bidding War, Expect 1 OR 2 SECONDS To Increase Your Bid.
  • With EA’s You Expect PROBLEMS (???) TO BE POINTED OUT
  • At Auction, Expect SILENCE, Problems, What PROBLEMS?!

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