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Sep 25 – Oct 19 2017                                (Max 12 Students)

Then Nov 20 – Dec 17

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The ONLY Auction Buyer Masterclass – Run in Real Time – With a Real Auction – Real Lot Due Diligence – Real 15-Min Viewing Slots inc Other Bidders – Real Bidding Wars – To Buy Real Bargains.

The Auction Masterclass starts with the online Catalogue Release (100+ Lots) & ends after the Auction, 21-28 days later, and is a combination of On-Location Days (Get-Together + Viewing Days & Auction) & six 2-Hour At-Home Recorded GoToMeetings.

Plus Unique Online Software to help you take the guesswork out of Buying Auction Property + Buy-To-Let & Buy-To-Sell and make informed profitable decisions.

Interested in Buying Auction Property but Nervous?

Then Join 11 Other Nervous People at the start of their journey into the World Of Property Auctions

Full Programme & Cost

I have been Buying Investment Property “Under The Hammer” for over 20 Years.

Why? Because –

  • I Can Buy Bargain, Run-Down, Distressed, Stinky Properties
  • Fix Them Up To A High Standard Forcing Up Their Value
  • Release All My Cash By Re-Mortgaging & Repeat The Strategy
  • Split The Fix-Up Cost Between Revenue & Capital
  • Reduce, Even Eliminate, The Tax on My Rents For Years!

Want To Know More?

  • First, Spend Some Time Reading Through This Site 
  • (Auctions Are Not For The Ill-Informed!)
  • Then Let Me Help You To Become Expert & Profit From Auctions
  • I Have Been Training Property Investors Since 1996, That’s Over 20 Years!

Got A Question? Then Email Me – David@BuyingAuctionProperty

Buying At Auction Is Very Different To Buying Through Estate Agents

Some of the Reasons –

  • With EA’s You Start Off Expecting To PAY LESS Than The Asking Price
  • At Auction, Expect To PAY MORE Than The Guide Price.
  • With EA’s You Expect PLENTY OF TIME For Your Due Diligence
  • At Auction, Expect ABOUT 21 DAYS & That’s It.
  • Then It’s Make-Up-Your-Mind Time with A Binding Decision.
  • With EA’s You Expect TO BE GIVEN TIME To Think Before Increasing Your Offer
  • At Auction, In The Bidding War, Expect 1 OR 2 SECONDS To Increase Your Bid.
  • With EA’s You Expect PROBLEMS (???) TO BE POINTED OUT
  • At Auction, Expect SILENCE, Problems, What PROBLEMS?!

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Do My Unique “In-Real-Time” 21-28 Day Property Auction Masterclass & Watch Me In Action.

Remaining 2017 Auction Masterclass Dates

(Max 12 Places)

September 25 – October 19

November 20 – December 17

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