About The Author

David Humphreys

20150528-5D3_9078Author, Trainer, Mentor, BTL Investor & Auction Expert.

Property Renovator for Tax-Free Rent & ex Letting/Estate Agent.

In the late 60’s David became an expert running a letting agency in W. London, principally bedsits & flats to the youth of the day.

David then relocated to Oxford and became an expert letting and managing the private homes of Oxford University Lecturers taking sabbaticals.

In the late 70’s David became an expert in the self-catering industry, letting flats & houses in Oxford, mainly to summer visitors. David was also a Founder Member & Chairman of the British Self Catering Federation plus Director of the Local Tourist Boards.

David is an Expert in Property Renovation. Starting with renovating Oxford properties to meet E.T.B Grading Standards, David continued by renovating ELA properties in Wandsworth, renovating ex-miner houses in County Durham and redesigning & renovating terraced houses in the Valleys of Wales, all were mostly bought BMV at Auction.

David is an Expert Lecturer on Buy To Let matters, delivering Seminars to Landlord Associations, Network Meetings & Property Exhibitions including the Property Investor Show and Landlord Investment Shows plus Advanced Trainings to thousands of students over the past 15 years with appearances on Sky TV, Bloomberg & the BBC.

Through 2014-15 the most popular Seminar David delivered was on “Generating Tax Free Rent & NMLI” by renovating distressed property bought at auction. The training is now available online through Property Investor Online.

With renewed interest in Buy To Let, and the relaxation of the Pension Rules in April 2015, through 2015 David will be reviewing & also delivering Free & Low Cost Training through www.PropertyInvestorOnline.com, a Members Online Training Website with over 200 Multi-Topic Training Videos from many UK experts, inc Online Mentoring, plus Independent Reviews of 1-Day Training Workshops & Seminars from leading UK Trainers including pin.

2016 will see David re-launching the unique Real Auction – Real Time Auction Masterclass

Investors know that to succeed in Buy to Let, or Buy to Sell, “Knowledge” about the many aspects of either Strategy is essential. Property Investor Online and Buying Auction Property are The Gateways to that “Knowledge”.