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Online Number-Crunching

All the Software below is currently Under-Development as an Online Facility where you will be able to:

  • Enter/Input Your Data into Custom Built Analysers.

  • Save Your Work Online.

  • Return, Update Your Data & Re-Save.

  • Print Your Saved Work

  • Apply For Help/Advice By Email or Recorded Online GoToMeeting Conferences

Initially Free, This Facility will become A Members Only Facility after a 7-Day Free Trial.

On Completion, Members will be able to play with over 25 Single-Topic Calculators such as Comparing Investing For Yield with Investing For Gain plus over 10 Multi-Variable Analysers.

The 1st Analyser is my Hot Lots Yield Analyser & Max Bid Calculator  (Click To Try)  which will:

  • Calculate Your Max Bid

  • Calculate Your Total Cash Investment (Cash Left In The Deal)

To Achieve Your Aims & Objectives, Your Strategy.

Both are based on Your Data Input.

The 2nd Analyser is a New, not listed below, Buy To Let Strategy Analyser for the 1st Time Investor with over 60 Input Variables & 120 Outputs. It is currently under development as an Interactive Web Page.

Interested, Register for Updates by Email to


There is very little software designed primarily for auctions where speed & detail is vital in equal measure.

For these reasons I designed 4 Excel Analysers, which can of course be used outside the auction environment, but their strengths quickly become apparent when used to analyse Lots in an auction.

All are included in the Auction Masterclass Docs Pack

In “use” order, the 1st is a Word template, Location Due Diligence (LDT).

Store a copy of this template with the name of your location and it will drive you to look at all aspects of your location’s investment potential.

The document only needs to be completed once in respect of any location and then updated as often as is necessary, probably annually.

To see the detail & information that is needed to complete, click and go to You Tube where there are 5 15-minute How-To-Use Tutorials.


The simple concept is to break an Area/City/Town into a number of 2-mile radius Locations which are subsequently broken down into ¼ to ½ mile radius Neighbourhoods. Again, simply, the radius is determined by the density of housing with ¼-mile applying to towns & cities and ½ mile to country areas. Also, with these distances, researching Portal sites such as Rightmove becomes easier as it dovetails with their variables.

The rest of the documents/spreadsheets are all written in Excel.

The 1st is the Investment Property Analyser (IPA), an 8 page interactive Deal Analyser specifically designed for the rapid analysis of a property offered at auction and needing a full gut fixup or renovation. Generally called the “Beast” by Masterclass Students who use it during and after the Masterclass, IPA includes Cells & Prompts for all the information needed to calculate your maximum bid/offer price on the simple basis of Offer/Bid Price = Fixed up Value less Cost of Fixup less Cost of Buying less Profit.

The Beast also includes a basic Fixup Labour & Materials Accounts Sheet, a Multi-Year Projection Sheet, Years set by user, and a Tax Return Sheet to split the Fixup Costs between Capital & Revenue.

Once again there are How-To-Use Tutorials on YouTube


The 2nd Analyser, the Auction Income Analyser (AIA) is a simpler version of the IPA designed to quickly calculate the maximum bid for a property being auctioned that is subject to an AST tenancy when it is assumed that extensive fixup works will not be carried out and that a driver in deciding on the maximum bid will be the Gross & Net Yields. AIA includes How-To-Use comments & prompts in the Analyser Cells.

The 3rd Analyser, the Auction Lot Analyser (ALA) has been designed to create a number of shortlists of auction properties meeting the Investor’s criteria as different aspects of Due Diligence is completed. ALA auto-calc’s max bids based on the investment criteria/strategy so properties bought to fix & let will probably have a different max bid to properties bought to fix & flip (sell). Once again there are a number of How-To-Use Tutorials on You Tube to help you make the decision to buy and subsequently help you use ALA.