Sponsor Criteria

Buying Auction Property is the result of the generous support of our Sponsors.

All our Sponsors are invited to publicise and market their property investment products & services through BAP Publications.

All our Sponsors are “known” to BAP and are promoted with both our recommendation & endorsement as offering products or services to Property Investors that are “Fit For Purpose.

Sponsors fall into 2 categories, “National”, offering products & services can be and are delivered throughout the UK, Lenders & Accountants are a good example, and “Local”, whose products & services are in-the-main available within a smaller area like a County, City or Town, Surveyors & Plumbers are two good examples.

Sponsors are limited to 4 in any Category to provide a degree of “Exclusivity” for the Sponsor but also “Choice” for the Reader/Investor.

Whilst we recommend & endorse all our Sponsors we do not accept any responsibility for the failure, for whatever reason, of any Sponsor and/or their products & services.

Readers/Investors must, at all times, carry out their normal Due Diligence before making a commitment to buy a Sponsor’s product or service.

We will though look at any reasonable complaint and advise both parties of our opinion, but we do not adjudicate or arbitrate and our opinions are not binding on either party.

From time to time Sponsors will change. This will not necessarily be due in any respect to Sponsor Failure, but the result of a commercial decision by the Sponsor.

Before buying any of the products & services you need, we strongly urge you to consider one or more of our Sponsors when doing your “Due Diligence” and preparing your Supplier Shortlist.