Given that property auctions take place in virtually every country on earth, there are surprisingly few videos on the YouTube that inform, inspire or even warn about Buying Auction Property.

Below are a few videos which I felt were worthwhile listing with my comments, and although there are many videos featuring overseas property auctions, I have only listed videos of UK auctions as procedures can be very different.

At the end of the video list is the video with the most views (232,500 +) recorded in 2007, titled “How NOT to bid at auction”.

This video featured in the 2nd series of How to Be a Property Developer presented by Gary McCausland and to quote Gary, “it’s like watching a car crash”.

EIG LiveStream
eig_livestream_001If you really want to watch a Live Auction, and NO, it’s not like Homes Under The Hammer, then click on the thumbnail and go to EIG Livestream.

EIGPropertyAuctions provide a Free Live Feed from a number of Auction Rooms every week. Understandably most the the “action” just features the Auctioneer calling out the Bids, must be said not the most riveting TV,  but do do get some feeling for the pace of the event, though, on television, it appears far calmer than is the case in the room.

To view the list of Current & Future Live Feeds (7-14 Days) just right-click on the thumbnail and pick the 2nd option, open in a new window, to go to the EIG Livestream Index Page

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