Learn How To Find, View & Assess Auction Bargains & Win The Bidding War


The Auction MasterClass is unlike any other training because it takes place alongside a Real Live Property Auction.

The MasterClass involves about 55-Hours of Student Time, 20+ Hours At-Home, over 4-Weeks starting a few days before the Auction Catalogue is released and ending a few days after the Auction following a Complete Review and look at Unsold Lots (Real Potential Bargains with Motivated Sellers).

Next Auction MasterClass starts Sept 25 ends Oct 19 2017

Followed by Nov 20 to Dec 17 2017

Both @ £ 1,997 pp (Max 12 Places)

To Reserve Your Place Email David@BuyingAuctionProperty Today

During the MasterClass, You are assisted in all aspects of buying at the MasterClass Auction.

Having completed the MasterClass You will be able to find & buy Bargains with Complete Confidence.

The MasterClass includes how-to-use training of 5 specially designed Analysers & Templates.

Their use & purpose can be seen on YouTube. Go to Software for Links to the YouTube Tutorials.

  • The Location Due Diligence Template.
  • The Auction Lot Analyser.
  • The Investment Property (Deal) Analyser.
  • The Auction Income Analyser.
  • The Bridging Finance Analyser & Comparator.

The Location Due Diligence Template forces you to carefully research your investment location.

The Auction Lot Analyser makes you properly research every Lot that interests you and uniquely shows you how to schedule up to 25 lots for viewing in a single day.

The Investment Property Analyser is your number-cruncher covering every aspect of each property and helps you calculate your maximum bid to make the profit/deal you want.

The Auction Income Analyser is a simpler Deal Analyser for properties being sold under tenancy (AST’s).

The Bridging Finance Analyser allows you to quickly compare up to 3 different Bridging Finance quotes

The Auction MasterClass starts the moment you book your place when the Template & Analysers are sent to you so that you can become familiar with them before the Auction Catalogue is released.

You are provided with lifetime access to “How To Use” recordings for each doc.

For research purposes you are made a full member of, the leading UK auction information database, for the 28 days of the Masterclass.

One or two days after the Auction Catalogue is released, the real work starts when you list and analyse at your home/office all the Lots in a forthcoming auction that meet our pre-set criteria and start to complete the Auction Lot Analyser.

On the Saturday following Catalogue release,  you attend a 1-Day Workshop with the other Students in a Conference Centre convenient for the majority, when all aspects of preparing to view properties, including Location, Neighbourhood & Property Due Diligence, CAD drawings and Costing the Fix-up Works are covered.

During the following week you spend 2-Days On-Location with the Group, Speed-Viewing between 20 & 25 properties, both internally and externally, which meet our MasterClass Criteria.

These viewings take place with other members of the public also interested in buying property at the same auction.

You will learn how to internally view a property in 15 min, the time generally allowed by most auctioneers, and, where internal viewing is not possible, view a property externally taking down all the information needed to make the decision to buy and, if so, how much to bid.

After the Viewing Day you take part, at home, in online group GoToMeetings to discuss all the properties viewed and decide which properties should be bid on and calculate the maximum bids.

All online GoToMeetings are open-mike and recorded giving you 24/7 access to topics discussed.

The following Wednesday/Thursday the group takes part in another GoToMeeting to look at:

1) Legal Packs
2) Bridging Finance
3) CAD

The Saturday before the MasterClass Auction, the Group meet at a Chattels Auction, household/garden/office effects, where you view, assess and practice bidding methods on items costing as little as £5-£15. You may either keep any item you buy or resell it through the same auctioneers the following week.

On one of the days during the following week the MasterClass Auction takes place. The group attend to capture the atmosphere of auctions, learn how to calculate possible reserve prices, identify bids off the wall, physically look at the legal packs now at the auction, and look at Unsold Lots after the auction.

All go through the Auctioneer’s Registration Process (ID needed) as you are able to bid on a property which meets your criteria & strategy.

Our Auction MasterClass is the ONLY LIVE TRAINING where you can View, Assess, Bid & Buy with Expert Support & Assistance.

We may also be instructed to buy on behalf of other investors, if so, you may do the initial bidding.

Two days after the auction, weekends excepted, the group meets online for another GoToMeeting to review the auction, the MasterClass, look at Unsold Lots and question the auctioneers & David Sandeman of EIGroup & other interesting experts.

Following completion of the Auction MasterClass further support & assistance can be provided by David Humphreys & Jane Collett who will have been with you throughout the MasterClass.

The Auction MasterClass Is Unique.

  • A MasterClass operating in the Real World of Auctions where investors can learn how to buy genuine BMV Bargains every week of the year.
  • A MasterClass limited to 12 Students to ensure that each has time to Master the Knowledge & Techniques required, particularly during Viewing Days, to buy successfully and profitably at auction.

For further details on cost & dates please email

The Next MasterClass Is From Sep 25 to Oct 19  2017 with CPBigwoods, West Birmingham, then Nov 11 to Dec 17.

Reserve Your Place – Email David@BuyingAuctionProperty Today