We run Regular 1-Hour Webinars on Auction Subjects & Topics, on Wednesdays starting at 8 pm.  

The Webinars are Live Online from 7:45 pm for Early-Bird Q&A’s with the Presentation starting at 8 pm and ending at 9 pm.

All our Webinars are Open-Mike so you can ask questions during the Webinar, and not have to wait until the end!

Also they are Recorded, Presentation Screens & Audio, but Not Webcams!

To Access/Join, open GoToMeeting & enter the Code included in the Webinar Notice

Next Webinar Date TBA will be late October before our next Auction Masterclass Nov 20 to Dec 15, Places Still Available. 

The Portfolio of Recorded Webinars includes:

Apologies for the Recording Quality of some of the Early Videos, we had a number of production glitches to start with, now happily resolved.

 World-Wide Webinars

WWW, the creation of the World Wide Web opened up the ability teach/train students, regardless of either the location of the teacher/trainer or the location of the student.

I started training students in the often dark arts of Property Investment & Buy To Let in 1996. The format was generally a 1-hour lecture/seminar at a Property Exhibition or Landlord Meeting though we quickly included half & 1-day Workshops and then we created 3-Day Advanced Trainings.

In every case the students, and there were many, had to come to the venue where the event was being staged and delivered. This meant time & money being spent, or should I say wasted, on travel & accommodation rather than the training.

In the early years I thought, if only I could deliver these lectures & seminars to students in the comfort of their home or office rather than in a hotel conference room but, for various technical reasons, it generally wasn’t possible because of the speed of the student’s connection speed.

Then, a few years ago, it became possible, after technical advances, to deliver Webinars World-Wide, and my prayers were answered.

And whenever the normal venue was a conference room rather than out on location, neighbourhood/property, I offered & delivered the same training using Webinars.

So through 2017-18, I will be delivering a series of Webinars on the World of Property Auctions including how to avoid the Lemons and seek, find, bid & buy those Elusive Bargains.