I run Regular 1-Hour Webinars on Auction Subjects & Topics, on Wednesdays starting at 8 pm.  

The Webinars are Live Online from 7:45 pm for Early-Bird Q&A’s with my Presentation starting at 8 pm and ending at 9 pm.

All my Webinars are Open-Mike so You Can Ask Questions During The Webinar, and not have to wait till the end!

Also they are Recorded, PP Screens & Audio but No Webcams!

For Access You Open GoToMeeting.com & Enter the Webinar Code Printed Below

Next Webinar TBA will be Mid/End May due to my next Auction Masterclass Apr 18 – May 8, 2 Places Still Available (Apr 5). 

The Portfolio of Recorded Webinars includes:

Apologies for some of the Early Video Recording Standards, we had a number of production clitches to start with, now happily resolved

  • Auction Hot Lots – https://youtu.be/q53T1PmzdfM
  • AST Let Properties – https://youtu.be/hOK0L8pwlAU
  • AST Let Property South of Birmingham –  https://youtu.be/tAIZrnIi_vo
  • Legal Packs – https://youtu.be/a6U2fOpbB6k
  • Repossessed Properties – https://youtu.be/Agq9aBX4zMQ
  • Sub 60k Guide Prices – https://youtu.be/Bn984epl14Y
  • UnSold Properties – https://youtu.be/C1UKGsGyvk0
  • Withdrawn Properties – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9PVUtbRFbc

World-Wide Webinars

WWW, the creation of the World Wide Web opened up the ability teach/train students, regardless of either the location of the teacher/trainer or the location of the student.

I started training students in the often dark arts of Property Investment & Buy To Let in 1996. The format was generally a 1-hour lecture/seminar at a Property Exhibition or Landlord Meeting though we quickly included half & 1-day Workshops and then we created 3-Day Advanced Trainings.

In every case the students, and there were many, had to come to the venue where the event was being staged and delivered. This meant time & money being spent, or should I say wasted, on travel & accommodation rather than the training.

In the early years I thought, if only I could deliver these lectures & seminars to students in the comfort of their home or office rather than in a hotel conference room but, for various technical reasons, it generally wasn’t possible because of the speed of the delivery connection.

Then, a few years ago, it became possible, after technical advances, to deliver Webinars World-Wide, and my prayers were answered.

And whenever the normal venue was a conference room rather than out on location, neighbourhood/property, I offered & delivered the same training using Webinars.

So through 2017, I will be delivering a series of Webinars on the World of Property Auctions including how to avoid the lemons and seek & find those Elusive Bargains.